Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chewing Gum Bad Breath Remover

Chewing gum is one great way to fight bad breath and it is highly recommended by dentists. It is a handy solution especially when there is no possibility of using a tooth brush or any conventional oral hygiene maintenance methods.

Usually, most of us would use chewing gum to remove bad breath after we have a meal. We tend to think that it is the flavor that helps and many individuals are using mint chewing gum to achieve this goal. The truth is that not all chewing gums are going to help but most do.

How Chewing Gum Helps
There are a lot of chewing gum products out there that have a direct impact in treating bad breath thanks to different properties they have. One such property is its ability to reduce anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, which is the main reason why bad breath appears.

After we eat, bacteria have a lot of food leftovers to feed on. Coupled with possible dry mouth conditions, we have the perfect setting for them to multiply. As bacteria consumes protein they will generate waste products that are responsible for the bad breath we experience. Chewing gum aids in reducing the number of such bacteria present in one’s mouth, thus removing bad breath from forming.

Uses of Chewing Gum
Chewing gum manufacturers are constantly working on making their products even better. We thus have products that contain various plant extracts and substances that not only destroy bacteria but also whiten teeth and play a huge role in oral hygiene. Dentists from around the world are recommending chewing gum to be used in order to fight bad breath and keep your teeth white.

Besides being used to freshen breath s after meals, chewing gums can help to moisten dry mouths. Chewing gum will stimulate the saliva production and this will destroy the anaerobic environment that is perfect for bad breath causing bacteria to thrive.

Most people use chewing gums only before kissing somebody or getting involved in a social event, thinking that the benefits will only last for some minutes. The truth is, if we do use good sugar free chewing gum, the effects can be rather long lasting. Be sure to chew the gum for around 20 minutes before throwing it away. That will leave a clear cut impact on bad breath.

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