Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gum Disease Myths

Many people fail to treat gum diseases even though it may cause serious damage if it remains untreated.  This is probably because most people fail to understand how serious disease gum / periodontal can be.   Statistics say that about 75-80% of people have one for gum diseases ranging from the mild to severe.

Here are some common myths you need to skip: 
Bleeding gums are not a big deal. 
FALSE!  Many symptoms of gum (i.e. the bleeding/back/red/inflated gums/bad breath) are all signs that you have periodontal disease key.If you notice that certain foods, flossing, and/or brushing may cause your gums thoroughly lost, it is preferable that you are going to the dentist and get a diagnostic.Maladie just gums can lead to tooth decay and loss, but it may be useful to cause disease in the heart, diabetes and so forth.  It can also be a sign of other serious problems in your body! 

Flossing every day are not important.
FALSE! A good oral hygiene treatment requires that you floss on a daily basis as one of the main ways, also brushing, to prevent gum disease.  Allegedly, only 13.5% of Americans floss that often.  Not a good sign! 

Parodontiste visits are intimidating, and they you pull your teeth if you go to traitement.
WRONG!  Experts on gum disease received training specialist to help with your problems-dental any since the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of gum diseases.  Also, technology and the treatments are always improving, so visits become more and more comfortable.  If you avoid treatment of gum disease, the gums will continue to recede, and you will lose your tooth naturally.

When a tooth is lost of gum disease, you cannot recover. 
FALSE! Gum disease can be one of the main causes of loss of teeth in people over age 18, but periodontists are extremely competent by placing dental implants.These are artificial teeth that are inserted into the jaw to contain a dental remplacement.Implants tooth roots have a 98% success rate, and according to surveys, more than 70% of people are extremely satisfied with the results of their dental implants.

Practice the poor oral hygiene is the only way to get gum problems.
FALSE! Neglect your oral hygiene can definitely be a cause of gum disease progression, but other important factors must be recognized.Use of tobacco, poor nutrition, stress and even genetics may change how your body reacts to bacteria in the mouth.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cigarettes cause the worst Bad breath

According to studies, the researchers found that said less desirable in a kissing partner breath smell of cigarette breath.  In addition, the investigation revealed that 70% of the population said they do not want even to speak to someone who has smoked a cigarette just.

Rows high garlic, onions, beer, onions pickled fish, curry pot, coffee, cigarettes and teeth unbrushed as the less desirable breath odor.One researchers discussed how much of a big deal halitosis was dealing with researcher personnelles.Le situations has also mentioned that bad breath (i.e. the garlic breath) may make a difference in or not someone lands a job.

Furthermore, only 40% of people have been courageous enough to tell someone that they have bad breath.
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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bad Breath Remedies

Bad breath remedies are plentiful. You can find everything from gargling with a hydrogen peroxide solution to chewing peppermint leaves is now being touted as a cure for halitosis.

But just what are the top 5 bad breath remedies that seem to work for everyone and that don't involve surgery or other harsh treatments? This is an important part because some people do explore the option of having surgical intervention before considering all their other options first.

The top 5 bad breath remedies typically involve proper oral hygiene and the killing of bacteria and germs that cause the bad breath in the first place. The number one treatment is regular brushing and flossing after every meal, or at least twice per day. This may seem obvious or elementary, but it's surprising how many people neglect their oral hygiene - and then wonder why they have bad breath.

Number two on our list of top 5 bad breath remedies is a mouthwash that contains zinc. Zinc has been shown to neutralize stomach acids and the odors of bad breath. Rinsing with a mouthwash that contains zinc has been shown to be very effective in most cases.

Number three on the list of the top 5 bad breath remedies is avoiding certain foods and drinks that cause bad breath in the first place. This includes alcohol, red meat, and dairy. All of these have chemical properties that give a person bad breath in most cases. If you must have these foods, be sure to take care of your mouth and teeth afterwards.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bleeding Gums Bad Breath Getting Serious

Do you have a problem of bleeding gums? If so, you may be suffering from gingivitis, a common condition resulting from poor dental hygiene.

Bleeding gums can be easily treated if they are detected early. However if you realize you have bad breath, you have to be careful. Left untreated, you condition may escalate to become periodontitis. That is when the loss of bone and gum tissue will happen.

Do visit your dentist soon to have your gums checked. Follow a proper oral hygiene regimen. Bad breath and bleeding gums are signs of potentially serious problems so do get your gums checked as soon as possible.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chewing Gum Bad Breath Remover

Chewing gum is one great way to fight bad breath and it is highly recommended by dentists. It is a handy solution especially when there is no possibility of using a tooth brush or any conventional oral hygiene maintenance methods.

Usually, most of us would use chewing gum to remove bad breath after we have a meal. We tend to think that it is the flavor that helps and many individuals are using mint chewing gum to achieve this goal. The truth is that not all chewing gums are going to help but most do.

How Chewing Gum Helps
There are a lot of chewing gum products out there that have a direct impact in treating bad breath thanks to different properties they have. One such property is its ability to reduce anaerobic bacteria in the mouth, which is the main reason why bad breath appears.

After we eat, bacteria have a lot of food leftovers to feed on. Coupled with possible dry mouth conditions, we have the perfect setting for them to multiply. As bacteria consumes protein they will generate waste products that are responsible for the bad breath we experience. Chewing gum aids in reducing the number of such bacteria present in one’s mouth, thus removing bad breath from forming.

Uses of Chewing Gum
Chewing gum manufacturers are constantly working on making their products even better. We thus have products that contain various plant extracts and substances that not only destroy bacteria but also whiten teeth and play a huge role in oral hygiene. Dentists from around the world are recommending chewing gum to be used in order to fight bad breath and keep your teeth white.

Besides being used to freshen breath s after meals, chewing gums can help to moisten dry mouths. Chewing gum will stimulate the saliva production and this will destroy the anaerobic environment that is perfect for bad breath causing bacteria to thrive.

Most people use chewing gums only before kissing somebody or getting involved in a social event, thinking that the benefits will only last for some minutes. The truth is, if we do use good sugar free chewing gum, the effects can be rather long lasting. Be sure to chew the gum for around 20 minutes before throwing it away. That will leave a clear cut impact on bad breath.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Best Cure Bad Breath

Looking for the best cure for bad breath? Read on...

Nearly 30%-40% of the population is suffering from bad breath. Searching for the best cure for bad breath seems to be an endless one for many sufferers. However, it need not be like this.

The key to curing your bad breath is to know what is the real cause of your breath condition. Only then will you be able to apply the right cure for your condition.

If you smoke or drink lots of alcohol and coffee or eat lots of garlic and onion, your breath is going to stink as such diets make your mouth dry. Stop or at least cut down on such foods or habits.

Other bad breath causes include illness or even the medicine you take. But ninety-five percent of bad breath is due to having bacteria in your mouth and not getting them out of your mouth.

If that is your problem, proper oral hygiene is your priority. Use your toothbrushes, tongue scrapers, floss and mouthwash. All this help to give your mouth a thorough clean up.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Best Mouthwash Bad Breath No More

If you just brush your teeth after your meals, you may still suffer from bad breath. This is because there are still food particles lodged in between your teeth or even gums. Such particles are food to bacteria residing in your body and when they feed, they emit foul gases that make your breath stink. Using the best mouthwash to get rid of bad breath may not be effective if you have heavy plaque on the teeth.

For mouthwash to work its magic, you have to ensure that you clean out such particles. Practice flossing and the effect of mouthwashes on your breath will be greater. The best mouthwash usually comes with anti-bacterial agents which kills off bacteria that cause odor. Look out for mouthwash that contain Chlorhexidine as it is very effective at killing the unwanted bacteria in the mouth. Avoid alcohol based bad breath as they can dry out your mouth instead of helping you.

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